Nora Roberts

The May 16 signing at Turn the Page is cancelled. Fingers crossed the 25th anniversary event in July will happen! ~LauraCurrent mood. Okay, maybe a little over dramatic, but doesn’t this picture make you want to get your hair done, do your nails and clean up your desk?

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** In the interest of everyone’s health and well-being, and in keeping with Governor Hogan’s recommendations to minimize risks associated with the coronavirus, the May 16th Book Signing at Turn the Page has been cancelled. Turn the Page Bookstore is entering its 25th year, and this is first time we’ve had to cancel a book signing. It makes us so sad, and we’re very sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to this special pre-release event, but please stay safe, be well and read on!

There’s still plenty of time to order signed copies of Hideaway by Nora Roberts through our website or by phone. Please remember that our office hours during the shutdown are 11-3 each day. We are closed to the public for the time being, but we are still shipping books six days a week.

You may order books from us for the other authors who where scheduled for this event, but they will arrive unsigned. We hope to include these authors in future multi-author signings at Turn the Page.

Thank you for understanding and for your support of small businesses everywhere during these trying times. See MoreSee Less

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