There’s talk a new Apple gadget could be released at the end of this year, but, for once, the chat isn’t about new iPhones. This time speculation surrounds AirPower, Apple’s wireless charger pad that it appeared to have unceremoniously ditched plans for last March. But now, just over a year later, rumours suggest that AirPower might be about to be resurrected in time for the launch of the iPhone 12.

According to Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, Apple engineers “haven’t given up yet”, and are currently prototyping a new version of the gadget. In a tweet last week (below), Prosser revealed a leaked image of what is known as “C68,” a prototype of the newly-revived wireless charger. According to Prosser on Twitter, the photo “was taken in the home of an employee” who obviously wants to remain anonymous (hence the photo looking like it was taken with a potato).

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