“This was the first time I had ever been in an environment surrounded by equally smart students. It was incredible to be able to learn in an institution where I can learn not just from the professor but from the students around me.”

“I came home truly impressed with the amount of knowledge I gained in a period of 3 weeks. I could never have imagined learning so much in such a short period of time!”

“M&TSI exposed me to variety of different fields I didn’t know existed (like systems engineering) and made me realize that there are more paths out there I can pursue. M&TSI also gave me an intro foundation to some important skills engineering skills such as CAD and Arduino.”

“M&TSI was a very challenging academic course, from which I learned a lot. The three week session allowed me to meet some very influential people in my field, as well as meet and live with students at UPenn, and students like me, who wish to go to UPenn.”

“M&TSI gives students a new perspective on how management and technology can be integrated together. Through this program, students can experience firsthand the thrills of the innovation process and teamwork.”

“M&TSI is an experience that not only introduces students to the technical aspects of business and engineering, but also provides a unique educational experience in regards to the peers that surround a student. While the professors gave us much knowledge, the fellow students did almost as much – teaching about different ways of life, school and learning. Many served as inspiration to travel beyond traditional borders.”

“M&TSI gives students a great introduction to college academic life, especially as an M&T student. In addition, it taught me how to effectively mold multiple disciplines together to insure the most success. Specifically, I received an wide view of how components of both management and technology intersect to promote innovation.”

“M&TSI is a gateway to understanding how to entrepreneurially capitalize on emerging technology. With practical applications of the knowledge and experience with product development and creating a business model, students are able to visualize the world of integrated entrepreneurship and technology.”

“M&TSI taught me how to think the right way as an entrepreneur. The engineering labs/prototyping taught me valuable problem solving skills, and the business side taught me how to avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to successfully position a business for market entry. It was a great introduction to entrepreneurship and M&T.”

“M&TSI was a great program for me to learn about the integration of management and technology, Penn, and the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. I met hardworking, insightful people and had a fun, yet intense, three weeks of being in a college environment.”

“M&TSI was one of the best three weeks that I had. I met so many brilliant, diverse people, and I learned a lot from them. Also, I’ve gained exposure and was introduced to so many new concepts.”

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