Re: I want a gadget that does this


Trevor Carpenter wrote:

When I am shooting macros on a flat surface I would like a tool like this to assist me. I want something that starts as a flat pane B-C or A2 to C but very easily moves to be A to C with a number of incremental steps en-route. The camera will sit on the A to C plane preferably supported at the C/bottom end. I currently achieve the same purpose with some balancing of objects but nothing I use easily moves from the lower to the upper plane . If i am shooting, insects sudden movement is not a good thing. I feel there must be a commonly used object or a specialised item that will do this for me but I can’t think of anything. Any ideas.

For tabletop close-ups, I’ve mounted macro rails on a 3-way pan/tilt and it follows that principle, but really needs a geared column to be precise.

Outdoors, a monopod with tilt-head is similar. If you have the right height, it’s possible to move forward and back and tilt at the same time.¬† I could probably mount a macro rail to a tilt-head, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I do a lot of small subjects, but have no interest in insects. I do need the ability to tilt and a ball-head doesn’t work.

I know some use geared heads with rails. There is some type of Z design device that’s used on a plate in place of a head. I can’t remember what it’s called.

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