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Business Internet

Businesses of any size need reliable internet service, but understanding options and selecting the right technology may be confusing. Choosing the best business Internet solution begins with understanding how your employees will use it and how it will be managed.

The number and intensity of applications used, the need to connect mobile or remote workers, the need for redundancy, network management, and planning for business growth are all factors.

MegaPath experts can help you understand your broadband requirements and select the best internet service for your needs. We offer a wide range of internet technologies and speeds nationwide: Fiber Internet, Ethernet, T1, DSL, Cable, and Wireless Broadband.

And you can get asymmetric, symmetric, shared or dedicated service with speeds up to 10 Gbps. Explore all Business Internet options available from MegaPath.

Business Internet Solutions

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Internet is today’s highest speed, highest bandwidth broadband offering. With speeds up to 10 Gbps, Fiber internet delivers the best in dedicated bandwidth straight to your office.

Symmetrical connectivity provides consistent and reliable upload and download. Fast speeds support your business-critical applications, and industry-leading service guarantees keep your business up and running.

A high-capacity fiber network enables your employees to send large files efficiently, and easily use online data backup to protect your business in case of disaster.

Fiber Internet is scalable, so you can increase bandwidth as you need it. Fast, reliable connectivity and 24/7 support is why you should choose MegaPath as your fiber optic internet provider.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband provides convenient, high-speed wireless internet service for a variety of uses: remote office or worker locations, temporary internet access, or as a fully redundant backup service for existing Ethernet, T1, or Fiber Optic service.

Your employees can access the applications and files they need with any internet-enabled device. Download speeds range from 5 to 12 Mbps, or more.

With MegaPath Wireless Broadband, you get all the necessary equipment for fast installation. And when it’s part of a failover solution, MegaPath experts will fully manage and monitor the wireless network for you.

Not all WiFi service is the same. We offer a fully managed 4G and 3G wireless solution, depending upon your location. Learn why businesses choose MegaPath as their wireless internet provider.

DSL Service

DSL is an ideal broadband solution for SMBs that download large files, or use the Internet extensively. The asymmetrical bandwidth has download speeds of up to 20 Mbps. Many small businesses find DSL to be a great alternative to T1 because of its superior download speeds, and affordability.

MegaPath DSL Internet can be used as a redundant connection in case of an outage of your primary access service. MegaPath DSL Managed Failover detects access issues with your primary Ethernet, T1, or DSL service and automatically switches traffic to the DSL backup connection. Stay connected and avoid revenue loss and disruption.

If your business depends on fast, reliable online performance, turn to MegaPath as your DSL Internet provider.

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