The Computer Systems & Networks Research Group at UofT works on projects
that cover a diverse range of experimental and theoretical research,
including operating systems, network security, mobile code
architectures, high-performance computing and wireless networking.


The systems side works on a range of experimental projects on Internet
systems and services. Our interests span Web-based and peer-to-peer
systems design, network measurement and traffic analysis, fault-tolerant
Internet systems, wireless networking, and network security. Our mission
is to investigate high-impact research avenues that will shape the next
generation Internet systems and services.


The networks side engages in both theoretical and experimental research:
while we use modeling and analytical techniques to study fundamental
problems in computer networks, we also conduct experimental studies and
build real systems. Our research covers a broad range of topics
including online social networks, wireless networks, peer-to-peer
networks, sizing buffers in Internet routers and content delivery networks.


As an energetic research group, we have regular group meetings to
discuss our current work and results. We also organize talks, research
seminars and reading groups to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion
on topics of mutual interest.




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