Programming editors, also known as source code editors, are text editors that are specifically designed for programmers or developers for writing the source code of an application or a program.

Most of these editors are built with useful features, which may include colour syntax highlighting, auto indentation, auto complete, bracket matching, syntax check, plugins, etc., to effectively support the users during coding, debugging and testing.


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A popular and widely-used editor loaded with features to make your programming more productive

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License: Free (Open source)

Syntax and brace highlighting for many languages, search and replace, macro recording and playback, highly configurable with many plugins with a plugin manager and supported in their forums, together with other useful features.

Running in the Windows environment only.

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A programming editor supports syntax and matching bracket highlighting for most popular languages

License: Free

Supports syntax and matching bracket highlighting, hex editor, macro recorder, FTP client and other common features.

Works on Windows only, dictionaries need a separate download.

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A lightweight yet powerful programming editor running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

License: Free (Open source)

Lightweight yet powerful editor, targeted for experienced programmers and web designed, supports many programming languages, code collapse, matched code highlights, in-line spell checker, etc.


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A cross-platform programming editor supporting scriptable syntax highlighting for an amazing number of source files

License: Free (Open source)

Advanced and easy-to-use editor supporting scriptable syntax highlighting, indentation and code folding for many source files, loads fast and runs stably.

No auto tag closing and matching tag highlight.

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A programmer’s text editor written in Jaya with extensible plugin architecture and a huge array of features

License: Free (Open source)

Cross platforms, tabs and syntax highlighting, diff utility, FTP browser, macro language, block select and more.

A bit of a heavyweight, slower start-up.

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Other Programming Editors

  • Notepad2, a Scintilla-based text editor with source code syntax highlighting, runs out of the box without installation, and does not touch your system’s registry. It is small and fast, but unfortunately lacks the tabbed Windows.
  • Vim is based on the UNIX “Vi” editor and aimed at programmers but can be used for many purposes. It supports multi-level undoes, syntax highlighting for over 170 languages and runs on many different OSes. This editor has a learning curve but if you have spent most of your time in the UNIX world and chose “Vi” over Emacs, then it is a familiar face. Sure, Vim is friendlier than the command line Vi, but all the features you are used to seeing are there.
  • ConTEXT supports unlimited open files and editing file size, with other features including syntax highlighting for many languages, normal and columnar text selection, file compare, macro recorder, customizable color printing with print preview, etc.
  • Crimson, fast in loading and small in size, provides syntax highlighting for programming languages such as C/C++, Perl, Java, Matlab, LaTeX and HTML. Other features include custom syntax support, redo/undo, user tools, macros, spell checker and more.
  • Programmer’s Notepad, unlimited number of schemes supported, powerful syntax highlighting supporting both user-defined and built-in schemes.


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