Action in BOPF

Action has the literal meaning in BOPF. Do something. We can create an Action to an existing business object node by carrying out the following steps,

  • Open the business object (ZAPF_I_AIRLINE).
  • In the business object editor, click on Go to the Root Node link.
  • Select Actions tab, and choose New.

A dialog appears, where we must specify the details of the action:

  • Name: Enter the name of the action; in our case, we enter “Set URL”.
  • Description: Enter description that describes the purpose of the action, for instance, “Set the URL”.
  • Implementation Class: We can simply accept the suggestion that will lead to the generation of a global ABAP class or enter an already existing class that implements the interface /bobf/if_frw_action~execute. We will call the class ZCL_A_LOCK_APF_I_AIRLINE.
  • Instance Multiplicity: Select multiple node instances here, as we want the action to operate on several Airlines to enable mass processing of URL set.
  • Parameter Structure: Standard proposed structure will be filled in it.

Below code can be used to do the actions part.

DATA(lt_airline)= VALUE ztiapf_airline().
” Retrieve
iv_node =is_ctx-node_key
it_key =it_key
et_data =lt_airline
-url=’’.”Set URL
” Update the node instance with the changed status
iv_node =is_ctx-node_key
iv_key = -key
iv_root_key = -root_key
is_data = REF#()
it_changed_fields = VALUE#(
( zif_i_airline_c=>sc_node_attribute-zapf_i_airline-url)

Custom button will be visible and upon clicking the button, URL will be set as per in the code snippet. In the next chapter, lets see Determinations of BOPF.

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