When you fail to measure how powerful your brand’s presence is in today’s organic channels correctly, you will face challenges with ranking. To manage it perfectly, you must execute a SWOT analysis for your website.

This is the space where you will feel the need of a robust SEO platform. Earlier it was only about overvalued ranking tools but now this marketing solution has evolved and how! Now it is more about full-scale platforms that are managing SEO from end to end.

Let us learn about the 6 indispensable features that must be
present in all SEO platforms.

  • Goal Reporting – In the current times every brand has their monthly, annual & quarterly goals. This is one of the best SEO features that must be there in every SEO platform. Incorporation of the objective reporting functionality is a must as it mirrors the timeframe set by marketers and help them check if they are on target for hitting all the goals. Also the clients who were unable to hit the goals receive proper recommendations for enhancing their websites. The recommendations must depend on real data.
  • Video Metrics – Amidst the many SEO capabilities, inclusion of video metrics is highly significant. Videos are a great way of making the consumers connects with your service or product. Be it any SEO platform, it must offer reporting on connected metrics such as
    •  Social sharing
    •  View counts
    •  Conversion rates
    •  Play rates
    •  Click-through rates
    •  Engagement
    •  Viewer feedback
    •  Average completion rate

If a mobile page takes a time span of 3 seconds for loading,
almost 55% users will likely move out from a page as determined by Google. SEO
platforms need to provide load speeds metrics.

  • Actionable Recommendations – Charging huge sum of money every
    month, SEO platforms must begin offering actionable recommendations for aptly
    explaining the reason of such costs. A SEO
    usually offers generic recommendations to users that they are
    already aware of such as a missed keyword from a headline. A sound SEO management tool is the one that
    empowers users to fabricate & examine structured data unswervingly on the
    SEO platform.

The SEO marketing
must be able to read the contents on the website pages along with
recommendations for perfect title with keywords. By this, just a button will be
needed for optimization.

  • Zero Extra Charge – The best SEO platform is the one that is at the enterprise level and
    that does not charge extra dollars for fresh features. In fact, the
    incorporation of new features must be actually present in the SEO platform price tag as already the
    brands bear monthly costs. The platform will automatically become
    cost-prohibitive if there are additional fees.
  • Real-Time Applications &
    – Irrespective of the type of SEO
    it is, the inclusion of the feature called data reporting based on
    synchronized data is a must. The SEO
    must be extremely robust so that retailers can log in their
    application or in the platform even at the end of the year for attaining
    real-time data on the performance of SEO.

A true SEO optimizer will also be the one that offers real-time alerts to merchants and retailers
for problems. These days, some platforms can be witnessed that are
incorporating this capability.

  • SERP Changes – It is the role of the third-party
    tools to observe the various transformations that take place in SERPs. This is
    one of those SEO measurement tools that keep the SEO managers engaged for monitoring purposes. But this New Year
    2020 must witness the incorporation of this particular feature in SEO platform & it must be
    integrated in the system. In this way, the clients can keep a track of the
    changing SERPs as this will point out that Google is examining something. The
    platform can also display upcoming updates.

Wrapping it up

When looking for the most high quality & effective SEO rank tracking platform, the current market will offer you with many. But here there is a catch as you need to pick the finest SEO platform that can aptly empower you to apprehend and satiate the requisites of your customer. Along with technical metrics, it also must be able to help you with visibility, content optimization, and collaborative opportunities for team members, content analysis and a lot more.

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